Misconduct Policy

Negation Magazine’s solidarity with survivors is unconditional. We have zero tolerance for abuse, harassment, and sexual misconduct of any kind, and we are fully invested in creating a culture that believes and listens to people who have been harmed. If Negation learns that we have given a platform to a perpetrator, we will act in accordance with the wishes of the survivor, no questions asked. We will not conduct any investigations or initiate any formal processes before cutting all ties with perpetrators and removing their work from our website. Our responses will be survivor-driven, and will thus be as public and transparent as survivors want them to be. Public calls to deplatform a perpetrator will be respected even if they are not directly addressed to our magazine. 

Survivors can notify us by emailing Gracie Harris, a trained grievance officer who has volunteered to serve as Negation’s misconduct contact. They can be reached at gracielh@protonmail.com. We do not expect or ask survivors to disclose details of their experiences, and our responses will follow the wishes of every survivor as closely as possible — we will only take actions that survivors have explicitly approved.